What Makes A Good Home Hardware Stockist?

For those who are new in the home- Improvement arena, deciding on a Home Hardware supplier can be an overwhelming experience. What is the best Home Hardware? How do you find the greatest variety without breaking your budget? How do you determine whether you are getting the best product at the best price?

The first thing to do is to review the company’s product copy guidelines. There are generally two categories of Home Hardware suppliers: general and specialty. General merchandise is a category that generally sells items for all kinds of purposes, such as lighting fixtures, kitchen sinks, and bathroom vanities, to name a few. Specialty merchandise is much narrower, usually limited to a single product line such as doors or lighting fixtures, for example. You will need to research the Home Hardware supplier in order to ascertain whether the product they sell falls within their specialized category.

When reviewing professional door hardware supplier’s catalogs or web site, keep in mind what words or phrases appear most frequently. Be particularly interested in the Home Hardware supplier’s product copy guidelines; these are essentially the rules governing how the company defines a relevant, standard consumer item.

For example, the Home Hardware supplier may define a relevant, standard consumer item as a “custom wall mounted sink,” but if the wording is further restricted to using only a few relevant keywords, such as a “ceramic tile backsplash” would it be more meaningful for you to read the Home Hardware supplier’s product copy guidelines to find out what words they consider to be relevant and/or specific to that product line.

If the Home Hardware supplier uses broad terms instead of specific terms (for example, a contractor bead set might be defined as “interlocking bead set,” but if the only applicable terminology is “custom tile backsplash”) this may be just as useful to you as it would be to a customer who has defined the word “custom tile backsplash” specifically.

When comparing Home Hardware suppliers online, it’s important to understand how each company defines a “relevant” or “specific” consumer item. Compare Home Hardware websites by room, by product type, or by price range; see which companies offer more general product descriptions, and which offer more detailed product videos. For example, compare Home Depot with Best Buy and Lowe’s home improvement stores.

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