Tips on Purchasing Stone Benchtops for Your Kitchen

When remodelling your kitchen, one of the best ways to give it a bit more of an elegant look is with the addition of a stone benchtop. As stone benchtops are the most durable choices, most homeowners are looking to upgrade their kitchens to various stone varieties. No matter what variety you choose, the colour and patterns are left entirely up to you.

Colour and Patterns

There are several colours and patterns available to choose from with stone benchtops. This allows you to create a brighter, livelier-looking kitchen with just a simple benchtop change. The colour or pattern you choose is entirely up to you and what kind of look you are trying to create. Lighter colours do stain more easily than darker colours, though.

Select a Scratch-Resistant Variety

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting stone benchtops for your kitchen is if they offer any kind of protection from scratches. If you are unsure if the stone benchtop that you are considering is scratch-resistant, ask somebody about it.

The protection is important because it keeps the stone benchtop looking its best regardless of how much cooking or how many kids you have come through.

Heat- and Stain-Resistant

Two other things to look into when selecting the best stone kitchen benchtop are heat- and stain-resistant abilities. Kitchens are typically the hottest room in the house because you must use a heat source when cooking foods. You don’t want a benchtop that can’t withstand high heat because it will need replacing before too long.

Stains also happen in the kitchen because of food and liquids being spilled. The last thing you want is your benchtop marred by stains because it makes your kitchen appear messy. Everybody wants their kitchen to be the cleanest room in the house. Nobody wants to cook or eat in a messy room. Even if you clean your benchtop every day, a stain can make it appear that you don’t.

Depth Measurement

This measurement requires careful consideration as they make all the difference in the world with how satisfied you are with your stone benchtop. The depth of the benchtop, which some people refer to as the height, determines how comfortable the stone benchtop is to use.

You want one that allows you to cook on it without any issues, so choose a height that you are most comfortable with. The typical range is 600 to 900 mm.

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