Questions to ask before hiring an architecture firm?

You can build a beautiful home easily in this new era. However, you would require the services of several experts during the process and the help of an architectural firm is necessary during the stages of designing the property. You will get amazed with the number of architecture firms Singapore available and it is advisable to ask few questions before hiring one. The following are some of these questions.

How experienced you are in this business?

You can start your hunt for architecture firms with this question as you kick-started. As the experience of the company can tell you about the expected quality of work, this question may be helpful.

Are you certified or licensed to do this?

Architectural works are not for everyone and only those who are licensed to involve in these works can do this. Also, they should have permission to serve in your locality.

Do your architects have the necessary certifications?

Architecture is tricky and only qualified professionals can excel in this. You can ask this question to confirm whether the professionals about to work for you have the necessary skills and certifications.

Will we get to see the past works?

You can ask for their portfolio to confirm.

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