Keep the Costs of Paving Low by Using a Sprayed Seal of Bitumen

You can use asphalt or concrete for a pavement. However, if you want to save on costs, you can also have the surface sealed with a Bitumen spray. By choosing this approach, you can keep you pavement safe and spend a good deal less money. You can also have the installation made quickly and conveniently. You do not have this type of latitude if you choose another paving alternative.

Seal and Bond the Pavement

That is why a bitumen sealer is a great way to seal and bond a paved surface. You don’t run into many complications, if any, when this process is used. The sprayed seal represents a layer of bituminous binder that is applied to a road surface. After this spray is applied, a layer of aggregate is added. Workers embed the aggregate in the bitumen by rolling the gravel into the bitumen with a machine, called a roller. This multi-wheeled machine forms a dust-free, waterproof, and skid-resistant pavement.

After road professionals complete the rolling, they sweep the loose aggregates from the surface so that cars can use the pavement. You don’t get these kinds of results when you use asphalt or concrete as a surface. You have to wait for the surfaces to cure before they are used.

Reduce Installation Costs and Downtime

If you have a parking lot and operate a business, this type of paving alternative makes it possible for you to experience very little down time – time that can cut into your business’s profits. You can have your customer drive on the surface right after the work is complete. You cannot do this if you install asphalt or concrete. That is why you need to learn more about this type of paving option if you have a car park or other commercial pavement that needs to be upgraded and restored.

Spray seals are made to meet projected traffic conditions. Therefore, you need to increase the number of bitumen coatings and aggregate as the traffic volume goes up. When a sprayed seal of bitumen is used, the length of its life will depend on the use of the surface and the environmental and weather conditions. In most cases, you can expect the pavement to last between a span of seven and fifteen years.

Give Your Asphalt Pavement More Stability

Maybe you already have a current pavement that is made of asphalt. If so, you can use a bitumen seal to enhance the life and value of the surface. By using innovative polymers, primers, and additives, scientists have made a surface coating that offers better adhesion and superior roadway wear. This performance makes it possible for the aggregate, substrate, and binders to stay intact and effective.

You really cannot provide a good pavement for parking lot or roadway use without a little binding help. That is why a bitumen binder makes it possible for you to cut road covering costs and reduce the related maintenance. Anything that you can do to enhance pavement life will make your car park or lot a safer place for customers to drive.

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