How is Electromagnetic Pest Control Different from Other Pest Control Methods?

Unlike the traditional and conventional pest control methods, electromagnetic pest control stands out among its counterparts like chemicals, poisons, gases etc. It is also deemed to be the safest pest control method and has no side effect on people, pest, and/or your electrical appliances. Read on for an insight into pesticides vs electromagnetic pest control.

Unlike other pest control methods, electromagnetic pest control method is installed by wiring within the walls, and transforming your entire property into a giant pest repeller. It is quite similar to making a phone call, when you speak into the phone, your voice travels via the telephone lines at a particular frequency. Electromagnetic pest control mechanism makes the best of use of your wiring by just sending a shifting signal via the wires, and tunes to irate the nervous system of the pest and rodents living in your property.

This method doesn’t affect the humans, pets or electrical appliances at all, and it doesn’t even increase the electromagnetic energy of your wiring as well. It simply transforms the frequency to kill small pests and rodents which can easily pick up on these transformational changes in these electromagnetic frequencies. In every few seconds, the signal is turned on or off so that the pests and rodents are unable to build up a tolerance system.

You might be aware of the fact that insects interact with each other through vibrations. Unlike pesticides, the vibrations emitted from electromagnetic pest control is prone to disturb their receptors and exposing them to a feeling that they are trapped in a hostile area where they are not welcome at all, which consequently leads to drive them out. This method helps in confusing the pests and rodents by making it hard or impossible for them to solicit food, breed, and create their dwelling on your property or interact with each other.

Electromagnetic pest control makes the rodents feel and notice something quite different in the environment they are living in. The vibrations emitted from the electromagnetic pest control system will make them feel uneasy and keep them away from the areas where the pest control system is ongoing. However, if you have pet a rodent, you shouldn’t use electromagnetic pest control at all as it is prone to drive your pet crazy.

Also, pesticides are prone to make your breathing uneasy, and not only yours but the pets living with you as well. Pesticides create a lot of dirty mess with the chemicals which can react badly with your furniture and/or electrical appliances. This is why you should always go for electromagnetic pest control system.

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