House Fly and Other Filth Flies – Know What Are they?

Flies create nuisance in both home and life. Also, they cause harm to both animals as well as humans. Files belong to the Diptera order, a Greek word that means di – two and pteron – wing. Although there are different kinds of flies, all the species will have only two wings.

Many species of flies are found in bathrooms, sink drains, and kitchens. Flies like mosquitoes and stable flies will feed on the animals and human blood, and a few even spread disease-causing organisms and bacteria. The house flies transmit diseases like dysentery and food poisoning. So, it is essential to eradicate flies before the situation worsens.

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All the species of flies will get attracted to the wet organic materials, where they lay eggs. Filth flies are categorized into 2 groups depending on their food preferences and appearance.

Let us know about them in detail:

Filth flies – Large

  1.   House flies

Usually, a housefly is in dull grey to a black color and 1/4th inch long. It lays eggs in the garbage, rotting vegetables and fruits, and animal feces. A housefly contaminates the kitchen surfaces and spreads diseases like salmonellas.

2.     Blowflies

These flies are also known as bottle fly because their green and shiny blue color resemble a glass bottle color. They develop larvae inside rotting meat or carrion. They are also attracted to the garbage. The gathering of too many blowflies indoors indicates the existence of dead animals like birds or mice.

3.     Cluster flies

Cluster flies are overwintering flies because they reside in homes only during the winter season (diapause phase) and return to the outdoors. These outdoor flies are in dark grey with golden hairs over the thorax.  They look the same as house flies, but they reproduce on cattle or horse droppings.

4.     Stable flies

These flies are rarely found in dirty areas. They feed on animals and human blood. They often bite over the ankles, which is painful. Also, they transmit diseases to humans.

Filth flies – Small

Fruit flies

These pests are tan or yellowish-white in color with red-colored eyes. They feed on decaying fruits, vegetables, and food, as well as sugary items like soda, juice, sticky syrups, and others. They are found in drains, animal feces, restaurants, homes, fungi, and animal products. They are also called ham skipper, cheese skipper, or vinegar fly.

Phorid flies

These flies are also known as humpbacked flies. They are dark in color and tiny. They feed on decomposing organic materials. They infest on garbage, carrion, sewage, and other hidden places.

Drain flies

These flies are small in size 1/8th inch long. They appear the same as the moth, so they are also called moth flies. They are often found on the bathroom walls and infests in raw sewage.

In addition to the above, there are other filth flies such as night flies, fungus gnats, and flesh flies. To get rid of all these pests, choose the best store that offers high-quality commercial fly screens for doors and windows and order today.

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