Handling All of Your Renovation Needs

Now more than ever, renovations are popular. People want to make changes to their home. Sometimes it is to update the look of the home, in other instances, it is to provide more practical living space to accommodate their needs.

Whatever the case may be, working with a versatile contractor is crucial. You need to be certain that your renovation needs are being met to the fullest, all without breaking the budget as well.

Granny Flats

One of the most popular renovations made is known as the Granny Flat. It is either a room within the home or a structure on the property that is converted into a liveable space. Most of the time, this is for a family member who has to live on the property. Sometimes that space can be converted and turned into rentable space as well.

The goal is simple, however. It is either to take a current space, such as a large room, basement, or garage, and convert it into a liveable space. Depending on the condition of the space, that can mean more aesthetic changes or it can require full wiring, insulation, and more.

At the end of the day, the space then becomes available for a family member (usually an in-law or parent) to live in. They have their own space that may not be directly connected to the main home, but they still have access to the home. With renovations and Granny Flat construction, the possibilities are endless.

Highly Customisable

Perhaps the best thing about Granny Flats and renovations in general is that they are highly customisable. There are some natural limitations such as the size of the space or where it lies within the structure, but everything else is negotiable.

That means creating the perfect space, whether it be for a loved one or if it is to be converted into a rental opportunity. It can mean minor aesthetic changes, including things such as changing out fixtures, painting, and more. Or, it can mean more comprehensive services such as electrical, insulation, water and gas lines, and more.

Turn that extra space into something more liveable. What you do with it after the renovations have ended is up to you, but there will be more liveable space than ever. It can even add value to the home since the square footage is increased and there is more of that valuable living space.

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