Does a Stairlift Require Regular Maintenance?

The stairlift is both durable and reliable and much like other types of equipment, they require regular maintenance in order to perform as they should. This would be tasked to the supplier, who offers full service on all models, new and used, rented or purchased. Once a stairlift is installed, the technicians would book the first maintenance session ahead of time, which might be every 6-9 months, depending on the make and model.

Stairlift installation

A stairlift comprises of different sections that are interchangeable, which allows the technician to design a unit that fits the staircase. To view a range of local stairlifts in Gloucester, visit the supplier’s showroom where you can try out a range of units in a real-life setting. The next stage would involve and engineer visiting you to survey the staircase, taking very precise measurements needed for fabrication and if all is good with you, an installation date would be set.

Service schedule

Prior to leaving, the engineer would agree with you a date and time for the first scheduled maintenance, which involves lubrication and checking connections. The supplier would not allow users to carry out any maintenance and should you ever experience any issues, calling them would be the first thing to do. Stairlifts are easy to use and very safe, while you don’t need any help to use the lift.

If you are interested in installing a stairlift in your home, start with an online search to locate a local supplier and make an appointment for an engineer to pay you a visit.

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