Different Ways to Keep Rats Away from Your House 

Rats come uninvited to your home. Besides harming your house with their destructive nature, they also pose health risks for you and the people in your house, especially children and infants. Additionally, some of the diseases can be fatal. While you will see various home remedies to get rid of these uninvited guests, you need an effective and fast solution. 

The best way out of the problem is to consult the ​​Alamo Heights pest control. Rats do not need anything special to enter your house. All they need is food, shelter, and water. Therefore, to help you get rid of rats at your home, here are some essential tips. 

Seal any gaps, cracks, and holes in your interior or exterior walls. 

Usually, rats do not need a large hole to get into your house. In fact, they can squeeze in through a tiny hole present in your walls. Inspect your house and fill the gaps, cracks, and holes in your house with metal-kick plates, hardware cloth, plaster, cement, and more. 

Keep your home clean. 

Rats need shelter, and any clutter or waste can welcome them. Maintain hygiene properly by keeping all the trash near the bin, keeping the garbage cans covered, keeping drains and pipes clean, and cleaning up the spills or food wastes immediately. Eliminating their hiding places in your house will be the first step to getting rid of rats. 

Do not use rat poisons inside the house. 

Many people do not understand that using rat poisons inside their house can spread the poison to your house, making it dangerous for you and everyone else’s health. Carefully read the label instructions before using them in the outer parts of your home. Additionally, ensure that the place where you keep the poison is away from your pets and children. 

Use trapping. 

For a non-toxic method, using trapping will be the right solution to eliminate the rats. Ensure to place the traps in the highly effective areas and make sure you use multiple traps. It would be best to contact a pest control service for a suitable method. 

Check your surroundings. 

If you have rats inside, there are high chances that your neighbors are facing the same issue. Contact your neighbors and check your surroundings to develop the best solution to get rid of the problem. 

Contact a professional rodent control service. 

The presence of rats in the house is frustrating. They pose severe health risks, contaminate your food, cause destruction, and encourage fires. One of the best solutions is to contact a professional rodent control service as soon as you notice the signs of their presence. 

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