Benefits of Knockdown Rebuild Houses Over Getting Renovations or Relocating Altogether

Some people who want to make changes to their homes go for renovations. However, renovations might not be a safe option, especially in the case of fibro houses and houses that are quite old.

Today, many people are opting for a complete knockdown and rebuild of their homes in Australia. This provides them with a new feel and refreshing change without having to move to a new place altogether.

Why Is it Safer to Get Fibro Houses Rebuilt Completely Instead of Renovating Them?

It’s always best to go for a knock down rebuild fibro in Canberra. This is because the fibro houses in Australia are made with fibro asbestos sheets and the substance used in these sheets can be harmful to human health. Harmful fibres from these sheets may be released if these sheets are drilled, smashed, broken, or cut in any way. When doing renovations, disturbing and damaging these sheets is inevitable.

Therefore, it’s safest to hire licensed and certified companies that will renovate in a safe way, or better yet knock down the property completely, remove the asbestos safely, and rebuild it.

Benefits of Knocking Down and Rebuilding a Property

There are a few reasons why knocking down and rebuilding houses is a better option not only for fibro houses but for all types of houses.

Stay in the Same Location

Changing locations is like changing your life. Everything becomes new and it requires a lot of adjusting to feel comfortable and function efficiently in a different place altogether. This problem can be avoided by knocking down and building the house in the same place.

Build a Dream Home

To keep up with all the modern upgrades and build yourself a dream home, it’s best to change it completely by rebuilding it. This option can help one get a personalised design best suited to the current needs.

Lower Costs

Renovations can lead to cost blow-ups as demolitions may lead to additional things needing to be fixed. This is especially true for older homes that have many hidden problems under the surface. On the contrary, home builders are able to provide fixed and transparent pricing for knockdown rebuilds. Moreover, since rebuilt homes are basically new, they do not require much maintenance or repairs in the future.

This option is also lower in cost when compared to buying an already established property in another area. This is because there are stamp duties costs associated with buying an established property, which can be avoided by going for a knockdown rebuild.

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