Are You Holding a Red-Carpet Event?

If you are holding a celebrity-studded event, you need to make sure that you greet your luminaries with the right welcoming rug. In this case, you want to make sure that the carpet is coloured red. Otherwise, you will disappoint your audience and guests.

Installing a Carpet for a Special Show or Event

To install a red carpet for a spectacular gathering, you need to know something about the process. For example, you need to make sure that the carpet is laid on a solid and even surface. If the pavement is not even or the carpet is laid outside, you may need to add a subfloor. If you need to install the red rug on another carpet, you may need to add a medium-density fibreboard (MDF) underlay for holding the carpet. This type of underlay uses a formaldehyde glue to help the product withstand moisture absorption.

Always Provide Advance Notice

If you don’t want to run into any difficulties about installing the carpet, you should give the company providing the red carpet hire in Melbourne advance notice. Hire companies that provide carpeting often are busy in the summer. If you have an event planned for June, for instance, you should give the company a couple months’ advance notice. That way, you won’t worry about the installation and can plan the rest of the décor.

Usually, the carpet is installed using a double-sided tape that is manufactured by the carpeting industry. This type of tape will hold the carpet in most cases. To ensure that the carpet remains intact, a red-coloured gaffer tape may be applied to the carpet’s edges if needed.

How About White Carpet for a Wedding?

When you choose a company that provides red carpeting for special events, you can also have white carpet installed by the same company if you plan to hold a wedding. Therefore, you can choose red or white carpets for both personal and professional gatherings. Sometimes customers ask that carpet circles be placed to showcase the appearance of a special guest or well-known speaker or highlight a showroom product.

Add Bollards and Ropes as Well

The same company that features carpet installations may also be called upon to add bollards and ropes. After all, people cannot make an appearance on a red carpet without the addition of chrome or gold supports and a brightly hued rope. Sign holders can also be hired to complement bollards and ropes for an extra VIP feel.

Installing Artificial Turf at Your Next Party

You can also ask an all-inclusive carpet hire company about artificial turf for corporate events, exhibitions, trade fairs, or photo shoots. Maybe you are holding a party and want to provide a traffic-friendly covering. Choosing an artificial turf with a 25-millimetre pile will provide a real grass effect on any solid, even outdoor pavement or surface. Both carpeting and turf can be established or removed within several hours’ time.

Media Walls

Besides adding carpet or artificial grass, event planners can include media walls at outside events. That way, exhibitors can beater highlight their products. For instance, fabric media walls measure about one metre wide and around 2.4 metres in height. Walls can be expanded to cover 20 metres by 2.4 metres. A three-metre option is also available.

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