A Guide to Oil Tank Maintenance

If you have an oil tank that supplies your heating system, it will require regular cleaning, and fortunately, there are specialist firms that maintain, clean and replace heating oil tanks of every description. In the event your oil tank has seen better days, there is a local supplier of cheap oil tanks in Yeovil who would have just what you need.

  • Tank Cleaning – The very last thing you want is a leak on your heating oil tank, as oil is one of the messiest substances to clear up, and rather than waiting for the eventual leak, the tank should be cleaned often, which prolongs its life. The supplier would be able to set up a cleaning schedule, and they would have a special phone number to be called in the event of an emergency.
  • Emergency Situations – Imagine a full tank of heating oil that develops a leak? The damage that could be caused could be extensive, and with a specialist who can turn up with a tanker and suck out all of the oil, you can avert a disaster. The harsh UK climate can really get to joints, and should you ever notice any corrosion on any of the joints, don’t take any chances, call in the specialists who can quickly get to work and ensure there are no spillages.

The local authority can impose severe fines if a leak occurs and it is found that the oil tank was defective in any way, and to avoid such an occurrence, it makes sense to outsource the tank maintenance to a local expert.




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